Government Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) say that a dynamic environment need to be set up to leverage the sector as yet another contributor to the ongoing sustainable development.

According to some, the AI sector is burgeoning in Ethiopia, with various reports indicating that the country is becoming a thriving center for AI research and development and robotics. This culminated with the involvement of Ethiopians (more than 50 percent) in the software programming of Sophia – a human-like robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and capable of over 60 different facial mechanisms to create natural-looking expressions.

Ashenafi Bekele, Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Directorate at Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute (ebti) says that AI companies like I-cog and others, along with foreign companies that works with them, and the fact that many Ethiopian programmers has played a role in the cognitive software programming of Sophia can show a burgeoning of AI software culture in Ethiopia.

He also mentions the attention given at government level leading to the creation of a separate and independent Institute (ebti) to oversee the development of emerging technologies under four department; Nanotechnology, Material Science, Artificial Intelligence and Reverse Engineering.

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 The growth in the profile of drones has surely by now moved out of the folder marked ‘fad’. Where once flying model aircraft was seen as a fairly niche hobby, enjoyed by men with sensible jackets and thick-rimmed glasses, now seemingly everyone wants to get in on the drone act.

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Instead Of Destroying Jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Creating New Jobs In 4 Out Of 5 Companies Instead Of Destroying Jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Creating New Jobs In 4 Out Of 5 Companies

AI will lead to humans losing their jobs and widespread redundancy – that’s the theory, anyway. However new research has suggested that firms which are investing in smart, automated and self-teaching systems are more likely to be creating jobs with it.

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DeepMind Ethics & Society DeepMind Ethics & Society

We hope to contribute to the thriving field of AI ethics and social impact through original interdisciplinary research that also draws upon technical insights from our team, expertise from other disciplines, and the voices of people affected by the development of these new technologies. Our research themes reflect the key ethical challenges that we believe exist for us and the wider AI community. We intend to undertake research and collaborations in each of these areas, with our priorities determined  by the differing degrees of urgency of the challenges ahead.

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