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Argentine research team visits Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute

Argentine research team visits Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute

A delegation of Argentine researchers along with Argentine Ambassador,Gustavo Teodoro Grippo in Addis Ababa discussed on collaborative research project with Dr. Kassahun Tesfay, Director General of Ethiopian Biotechnology Institut, on 18 February, 2019. Members of the Argentine delegation are Dr. Mariana Puente (INTA , Laboratory of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (LBP CV), from Institute of Microbiology and Agricultural Zoology (IMyZA) and Dr. Fernanda Covacevich, CONICET (INBIOTEC).

Present at the discussion were Dr. Hailu Dadi and Tewodros Bekele, Deputy Director Generals and researchers of Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute.

Dr. Mulissa Jida of EBTi briefed the delegation about the progress of collaborative projects being undertaken by the institute. So far, 46 soil samples and 11 root samples were collected from various areas of Ethiopia and greenhouse experiment is being done with samples.

The team of researchers is expected to make observation on greenhouse experiment under investigation at Environment and Forest Research Institute at Gurd Shola. The team will also make isolation and characterization rhizobia, and then proceed to preparation of inoculum for effectiveness trials. The team is also expected to visit College of Natural Science, AAU, discuss with working group in Applied Microbiology stream and evaluate mycorrihizal colonization of root samples collected from field. Moreover, mycorrihizal spore extraction and counting will be done at AAU.

The research team will also make field visit to Fiche or Bishoftu for soil, root and nodule samples collection.

In the end, both Argentina researchers and EBTi researchers will discuss on the status of project and set the way forward.