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Stakeholders Discussed on Ethiopian Biotechnology Draft Policy


Stakeholders of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute assembled to discuss the draft policy of the institute in September 29-30/2017.  The Purpose of the meeting: -

  1. The stakeholders should own the policy;
  2. To have a clear and well organized policy; 
  3. To enrich the policy; and
  4. To secure a comprehensive policy  to work with.


The Ministry of Science and Technology ,the Ministry of Education , Addis Ababa University, Jimma University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, Mekelle University, Ethiopian Bio Diversity, Hawasa University, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Livestock and Fishery the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Oromia Agriculture and Research Institute, ተህ Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry, Ethiopian Environment & Forestry Research Institute, Ethiopian Policy Studies & Research Center ,Wegnos Biotech, National Veterinary Health Institute, National Veterinary Health Diagnostic & Research Center, Ethiopian Science Academy, Ethiopian Agriculture & Research Institute, Holeta Agriculture & Research Institute, Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Haromaya University, Wollqite University, Debereberhan University, Gondar University ,Bahirdar University, Adama Science & Technology University,


The speakers in the meeting were:

Welcome speech was given by the Director General of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute, Dr. Kasshahun Tesfaye.

The second speaker was Prof. Afework Kassu who spoke on the Draft policy discussion.

The   third Speaker was Dr. Alemeneh Geto on the overall perspective of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute.

The last speaker was Dr. Hailu Dadi, Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute Who introduced the Draft policy. After a brief general discussion the participants were assigned into four discussion groups. To name them Group 1(Capacity building), Group 2 (Research and system), Group 3 (coordinating and coalition), Group 4 (Law enforcement). The four discussion groups were discussed thoroughly. The discussion results were presented to the plenary by the respective scribes.   

In the next day September 30/2017 the discussion continued with two major topics:- 1. National Biotechnology Capital Development project. 2. National Biotechnology Infrastructure Development projects. Papers were presented to the participants and discussions were held. Many constructive points were raised to be considered in the policy. The Last remark and future direction was presented by the Director General of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute, Dr. Kassahun Tesfaye. According to the Director General the future direction of the institute will make an effort to identify gaps in the sector to be presented to policy makers. He proposed to the meeting that a committee should be assigned to act upon refining the policy .Seven individual were selected for each topic. Finally, the Director General thanked the participants for their devotion and active participation toward the attainment of the goals of the Institute.